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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ever See a 144 Lb Watermelon?

4 year old Riley Scott looks at the state record 144 lb watermelonThe Alaska State Fair is going on in Palmer, Alaska, right now. Palmer is about 50 miles north of Anchorage. The Fair lasts a couple of weeks and ends on Labor Day.

One of the highlights of the Fair is the exhibit of giant vegetables.

Since Alaska gets long daylight hours in the summeretime, and since we always have abundant water available, it is possible to grow huge vegetables here. Cabbage, lettuce, beets, watermelons, squash, cantaloupe all can grow to huge size.

State record 32 lb beetHere's a rarity, a 32 lb table beet. A table beet is different from a sugar beet and I'm not sure why one would grow one.

Both the beet and the watermelon are state records and are on exhibit now. I plan to make my pilgrimage to pay homage to the vegetables this weekend. Upcoming is the judging of the cabbage on Thursday.

How big do you suppose a cabbage can grow here in Alaska? John Evans had a world record 45 lb red cabbage about 10 years ago. Barb Everingham had a 106 lb regular cabbage in 2000.

Other Alaska records include a 19 lb carrot, a 63 lb celery, and a 65 lb cantaloupe.

How do these sizes compare to vegetables in your state?


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